Kendrick Plastics 2022 Impact, Transformer Award Winner

June 27, 2022


We are pleased to announce, Kendrick Plastics was recently awarded the Plex 2022 Impact, Transformer award. Plex is a leader in smart manufacturing technology through their ERP/ MES system. Kendrick was recognized out of Plex’s 700+ customers as the Transformer of the year. This award is given to a company transforming their business through the use of smart technology.

Kendrick launched Plex in 2020 and has been transforming operations ever since. The use of real time, connected data has allowed for increased visibility and control over production rates, scrap and quality while driving live collaboration, rapid response and innovation throughout our company. The upgrade in technology and operational improvements allowed the Kendrick team to decrease scrap rates by 50%, improve labor efficiency, and increase production attainment to 90%. This transformation is helping Kendrick execute to an industry 4.0 technology strategy focused on disrupting industry trends.